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toddler ****ing helper! how to deal with this?

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    The funny thing now is that my 15-month-old daughter is REALLY into ****ing...****es everyone and everything...****es her water bottle and hugs it...****es toys and dolls and hugs them...she insists on giving us all ****es and will even "force" us to **** her if we turn away by turning our face toward her and cupping our face in her hands. She only wants to **** on the lips. Same thing with our helper even though the helper tries to convince her to **** her on the cheek but with my daughter, that just won't do...she MUST have a **** on the lips and she'll keep at it until she gets it. It doesn't bother me,'s pretty funny to watch, though.

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    Hi Bagel,
    Is your concern that you son is too physically affectionate with a helper / employee? Or it is a hygiene thing?
    Because I think complex instructions would only be confusing to a 2-year-old.
    "You can **** mommy and daddy, but not the woman who cares for you all day." For a young child displaying natural joy and affection, this would probably feel weird.
    (Warding your kid off strangers is a totally different matter).
    Or would you say, "you can **** the helper, but without saliva." I don't think a 2-year-old really has that much control over his drool!
    Sometimes, I think we adults project our own worries onto kids who are quite clueless. Does a clumsy toddler have tcontrol / thought over exactly where and how he's ****ing someone?

    My little girl is much younger -- 1 year-- but she's already super affectionate. (And super drooly!)
    She hugs everything -- me, dad, her favorite toddler friend in the playgroup, her toys, her cousin, and my helper. And my helper will occasionally give her a peck back on the cheek of the top of the head.
    I'm thrilled that they have such a good relationship.
    My child's daily happiness with her carer is more important than any feelings of jealously I may have as a mom.
    As for the hygiene thing -- well, my helper changes her diaper, bathes her, feeds her her food, wipes her snotty nose when she has a cold. I don't think a **** is going to spread any more germs than will already be spread. (That said, they don't **** on the lips)

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