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urgent help and baby related info reqd : west kowloon harbourside bld station

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    Red face urgent help and baby related info reqd : west kowloon harbourside bld station

    Hello friends!
    I will be very soon moving to HK west kowloon , harbourside bldg with my one and half old baby girl. I am a bit clueless about what playschool i cud put her in, any mommies running a fun playschool gather up thing happening out there?
    Also pls do give me some good paediatrician recos. wud be of great help once we move in ! i am an indian, wud appreciate more info on indian grocery and wet market related information too!

    looking forward for some much needed assistance from all of u !!

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    PIPS is right in the middle of the West Kowloon complex. They accept children from 2 years old.

    Otherwise, there is a large childrens playroomin the Harbourside Clubhouse - should be easy to find some other Mums to talk to in there and get some local recommendations.

    There are local wet markets about 10-15 minutes walk from the building, towards Kowloon. There are a bunch of Indian restaurants near the wet markets in and around Temple Street so I expect there would be some Indian stores there too.

    Good luck!

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    Im moving to the same area!

    Hi Im an indian mum with 16 month old who will be moving shortly to HK from UK. I have been browsing through the forum discussions here for the past month or so and feel Kowloon West/Tong/city might be the area to look at as this will also be husband's work location as well. Have you moved there already? How are you finding the place so far? Have you found a playgroup/nursery for your little one? Are there enough things to occupy my little girl - such as going for a walk, maybe a public library, park etc? Any inputs from you would be great. Thanks!

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    you do know that kowloon west/tong/city are complete different areas and nowhere near each other, right?

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