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Mommy, i dont like school...and i dont want to go to school

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    i can't imagine hubby, me, our 4 yr old and our 6 yr old all together... i know that none of us would sleep at all.

    when i was breastfeeding, we did have the crib in our room (for our second, not our first). our first slept in a bassinet beside the bed until he was about 3-4 months, then moved to the crib in his room. we moved him to a big bed when he was about a year old. he was 2 (exactly) when our second was born. because we only had 3 bdrms (the helper had one) we had our daughter sleep in her crib in our room until she was about a year-18 months old. then moved her into the room with her brother. they shared a room until about 7 weeks ago. i thought there'd be trouble with moving them to their own beds, but actually, they fall asleep much faster. in the mornings, whomever wakes first goes and crawls into bed with the other one...that's how we find them in the morning, lying together talking.... at least most of the timel.

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    I meant that intimacy with your partner has to be a priority, not cosleeping, that is a personal choice :)

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    My daughter was 2.5 when she started nursery 5 mornings on her own without me. She had spent all her time with me as we have no helper in addition she is the only western child (there are some mixed kids) kid in her class.

    5 months on and occasionally when i drop her off she still tells me she misses me,I just tell her what i am going to do whle she is at nursery and that when i have finished and she has finished playing etc i will be back and pick her up. Now sometimes she asks me on the way to dropping her off what i am going to do and when I pick her up we swap storys of what we have both done.

    She has recently started telling me I am her vest friend, I am making the mosrt if it as I am sure in a few short years it will be a battle to find out what se is doing in her room, school etc! Equally when I ask her about spome of the children in her class she tells me they are her best friend!

    Hang in there.... but follow your gut instinct on whether this is just a phase that you can stick out if whether a different school would be better for her will be your best decision IMO

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