Does your baby have itchy, extremely dry flaky skin that is affecting his/her sleep? We have a soap that may help the condition!

We are introducing, for the first time in Hong Kong, a completely pure and natural soap made entirely with cold pressed virgin olive oil and it is totally free from synthetic and medicated ingredient. This is a very moisturizing soap and probably you won’t find another personal cleansing product this pure and mild on the market, and it could be just the soap for you!

The soap is being tested by a small group of people suffering from extremely dry skin and the outcome has been very positive that almost all are experiencing relieved itchiness after making the switch to our soap. They are enjoying a good night’s sleep with just a shower with the soap and one time application of their trusted moisturizer before bed!

We have free samples for those of you truly need such a product but the quantity is limited so please send me PM soon.