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Moving with 2.5 year old ("big" bed and potty training)

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    I was in the same situation as I just moved back to HK with my almost 2.5 year old. I tried potty training before the move, but she just wasn't ready so I waited until I got here. I did introduce the potty and had her use it everyday but she was also in pull ups. I stopped the pull ups once we moved back to HK and she is now ready and responding much better. My personal thoughts were that there may be accidents on the plane which ment many more outfits to bring and such. I also waited to transition from the crib to a big girl bed until our arrival which worked out quite nicely, she didn't seem to mind at all. I would say that if we had not moved I should have tranisitioned early as she took a pretty hard fall from attempting to climb out of the crib. Lastly, I also waited to ween from the pacifiers until we were back in HK as they served as a comfort for her (although she is probably too old to have them and I should have weened off much earlier). My rational is that it would help her with stress and such. But all children are different and handle transistions differently. Hope that helps.

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    We had zero problems moving our 2.5 year old boy from a cot to a bed. I was so surprised but we just explained it to him and set up the new one and no troubles at all. I was worried about it but was delighted that he took to it well.

    We are potty training at the moment and is MUCH harder than moving to a big bed (see my separate thread on pooing in undies)!!

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