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move to hk with baby

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    Feb 2011

    move to hk with baby

    Hello all,

    I am looking for advice and help. I have actually lived in HK as a singleton but now returning later this year with my partner and baby boy who is 9months at present.

    So confused feel im going crazy I know people have babies in hk but so many q's-where to live, where to buy nappies, fresh cows milk, baby groups, can i get a pushchair around, is the pollution that bad, are the NT's that remote as scared of feeling isolated, how do you find the right helper.

    ANY advice reassurance for soon to be expat mum would be gratefully recieved.x

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    Siu Lam, NT

    hello mumbo,

    i was in your situation in that i used to live in hong kong before marriage and baby. this second time around i am back with husband and baby who is 26 months. we moved here from northern europe and we live in new territories and it has worked out fine with us. all supplies are easily available so it is unnecessary to stress about these things. the only issue is the pollution. we are having respiratory issues, runny noses and coughs every 2-3 weeks which we didn't have in europe, despite severe winters.

    you will be just fine. relax and look forward to it!

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