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Help! Sleep issues 15 month old.

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    AngieO is offline Registered User
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    Hi Banane76. Your toddler is probably feeling a bit insecure at the moment due to the new baby, especially if you are sleeping with the baby and not her. She might just be looking for attention and security from you. I'm not sure that now would be a good time to try CIO for that reason (I'm not anti CIO, have done it with both my kids). Unfortunately there is no easy answer. Try to make sure you spend lots of time cuddling, reading to etc your toddler when you have a few mins (I know it can seem impossible to find a few mins, and I am sure you are already doing all this). Are you managing to put her to bed yourself? If not, that might help if you can find a way to do it.

    Starbucks2 - not sure when your 15 month old is getting up in the morning, but it may be that 12pm is too late for her nap. You could try bringing it forward to 11 or 11.30 if you can (I know it is nice to have both kids nap together, but sometimes it doesn't work well for them). My son just turned 2, and it is only in the last few months he could comfortably last until after 12. I tried to push it back but he just slept for half the amount of time, so we went back to 11 ish and he would sleep 2-21/2 hours. A lot of 15 month olds are still having 2 naps a day. How long is it since yours dropped to 1? Sometimes you have to try a few days to a week of one thing and if it doesn't work then try another. Eventually something will work!

    These are all just thoughts and I am in no way an expert! I had 2 kids who napped/ slept completely differently. Just some ideas of things that worked for me. or or has some good stuff on sleeping if you can find any time to read anything! Good luck.

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    Thanks AngieO and Lesliefu. Not sure if we'll give her a bottle, but maybe that will help. Will try to give her extra cuddles though. I do try especially now that the new one isn't eating every hour and now try to go to the playground for part of her playtimes. And I do usually try to put her to bed myself each night unless the other one is crying. You might be right that she's feeling a bit insecure. Little one starts out on his own in the bassinet but in the morning, he does end up with me and she does see that. I'm sure it will get better, but it's tough. I wish our beds were big enough and that she isn't such a mover when she sleeps :)

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