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crying at the playgroup

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    sounds like a good plan - was the play group every day? when i my eldest went to a playgroup that was only 2X / week - and like your son...she didn't pay much attention to what was being asked of her to do...when asked to follow instructions the reaction was throwing a tantrum. it took her about 2-3mths to get used to the routine and to start understanding that she had to listen to adults. that was my ultimate goal really - not even to socialize, but to get her to understand and have a feel for the "classroom" environment. the key was that she DID enjoy doing the things at the playgroup so I kept her in.

    to my surprise, this year when she changed to kiddy, it only took her 2 days to get used to the whole "classroom" thing and she settled in really quickly - the teacher was surprised too as she was the only new student in the class of 30! (yes - BIG class!) so...i'd say, maybe try another playgroup that is not so frequent, perhaps there are others are more suited to your sons nature...but there are definitely benefits of going to playgroup I believe...

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    We attended Baby Buddies in Sheung Wan once a week and I liked it but it was the one where he struggled with structure. Then we moved to DB and went to Second Friends (he was 2.3 - 2.5 years then) - still same power struggles. Then 5 days a week - 2 hour classes at DMK Playgroup in DB since Oct. He is due to start kindy in August. Good luck. I used to often leave the accompanied class in tears as was so frustrated that all the other kids would sit and listen and he'd be everywhere but the mat! It does get easier and better.

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    Our son started baby buddies at 14 months and was there till 20 months he never sat for a minute. The owner ( I forget his name) would catch him and sit with him but he would just run eventually before we left ( because he joined my gym) he started listening to the stories and songs but still just ran the whole time.

    Don't worry nothing strange let them just have fun

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