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Please help me get my son to eat vegetables!

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    you can also try veggie with rice (shanghainese style) - they eat veggies without really knowing.

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    shwetakhanna is offline Registered User
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    thanka2.. do let us know how you find a solution to this.. Our 3yo is exactly the same, she hates fruits and vegetables, and if she sees veges in somebody else's plate she'll tell them also "no,no, don't eat vegetables". Tired of trying now.
    Good luck.

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    Some suggestions:

    1) insert the veggies in whatever his favorite food / style of food is: Our 3 year old loves congee, stir fry and noodles. Whenever we introduce a new type of food it's usually through one of those ways of cooking as he isn't focused on what's in it, but what it looks like. He's familiar with what it looks like so he's not scared to try it.

    2) eat your dinner with your child: i know many kids eat earlier. My son eats at 5:30-ish and we actually eat at 7pm, but I usally eat a small portion of dinner with him so he sees me eating the same foods he is. Usually my son will want to try and eat what i am eating so I also make sure everything on my plate can be eaten by him too or it's just a smaller portion of his actual dinner.

    3) Loves what daddy eats: For some reason my son loves whatever my husband eats....if we want him to try something new, we sometimes introduce it when his daddy eats it as a snack. My husband plays like it's his food and pays no attention to my son until he actually comes up and asks for a bite. For example we wanted to teach my son how to eat an apple not in slices, but as a whole and with skin on. My husband at it in the afternoon, my son watched, then asked for a we don't have to go around cutting those darn apples for him when we travel.

    Perhaps your child often displays some of these behavior and you can use them to your advantage too!

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