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(Happy) screaming and squealing toddler

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    (Happy) screaming and squealing toddler

    Recently my 27-month old has started the habit of screaming or squealing in a VERY high pitched voice when she is happy or excited. I don't like it, never did when other kids did it and I definitely don't like it when my toddler does. Her scream is quite deafening. It's bad enough in an open space but worse in an enclosed room. I think she picked it up from nursery. How can I stop her? I tried clamping her mouth but it doesn't work; pinching her doesn't either and doesn't seem right when she hasn't done anything wrong (technically). And telling her "shhhhh" with her exuberant playing obviously does not work. Help!!

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    sheung shui

    Maybe try showing her how you act when you get excited. Try saying "mommy is so excited" and clap your hands, "mommy claps her hands when she gets excited." Or maybe explain to her that, while you are happy that she is happy, the screaming "hurts mommy's ears" and say "ouch" and cover your ears when she does it.

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    yeah - my little one is doing the same (33mths) think she learnt it at school...what i do know is that my ears hurt and tell her to imitate my action....clapping my hands, jumping up far It's worked (past 2 weeks)....

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