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Mandarin for Munchkin Music

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    Mandarin for Munchkin Music

    Hi. My 2yr old girl goes to Mandarin for Munchkin playgroup and really really loves it. She wants me to sing the songs from the class when we are home. Unfortunately I am not a Chinese speaker and what I hear in the class goes right out of my ear! I have asked them to purchase the CD but they don't sell them. I am guessing it's probably not a proprietary music they produced themselves and if I knew more about mandarin children's songs, I can find it somewhere. Does anyone know where I can get them? They are very fun songs!

    P.S. I think they don't want to sell it because it's a big part of the class. But really nothing replaces live interaction with the teacher, especially in language learning. Listening to the CD at home will only increase the effectiveness of the class rather than lessen the importance of the paid class. It's a shame they don't have that confidence!

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    Yeah, I'd really like it too as The Boy tries to 'sing' the songs at home and I struggle with helping him.

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    U can try going to Popular Bookstores or better still, if u have anyone going to Singapore (where Popular is originally from) they should have tons. Alternatively, visit those Baby Expos or HK Book Fairs, they should have. I have a few DVDs i bought from Singapore, but as i'm moving soon, it's all packed up in a box :P

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    For Christians, there's a fantastic group called Streams of Praise, which has just come out with their 2nd DVD/CD set for children. The DVD contains about 10 songs, which you can set to show traditional or simplified Chinese characters or English subtitles. The songs are first performed by either children or a combination of children and adults. Next, the songs are broken down slowly to teach the children the words. Then, they are broken down again to teach the dance movements. Each song also has its own special message to teach children how to respond to God's love, fears, loneliness, etc. in a very child-friendly way. Our boys (ages 6, 3 and 6M) LOVE them, because the tunes and movements are catchy and up-to-date. I hear that you can get it at Tian Dao in Olympia Plaza, but I'm sure it's at other Christian bookstores, too. Hope this helps!

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