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Chicken pox vaccine?

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    ozmerc is offline Registered User
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    Your child is unlikely to be harmed by the vaccine, but I can understand any reluctance to do it on the basis that it's usually a very minor disease in healthy children. I too never had a vaccine and got it the natural way! No scars BTW. I have read that it doesn't provide complete protection though, whereas kids who get it naturally have excellent immunity against the virus for the rest of their lives. Contrary to what kiwiinoz says above regarding shingles, I have seen information from a study which linked increased incidence of shingles (which can be very nasty) with the vaccine. I think because it hasn't be given for very long the long term effects regarding immunity are not fully known.

    I recommend reading Dr Sears vaccination book - he has a very well-rounded perspective on each vaccine and whether he would consider it necessary or optional. I think chicken-pox he placed under optional.

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    Took it, it was part of the scheduled vaccination in Matilda.

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    I believe one of the studies showing an increase incidence of shingles does not come directly from the vaccination but from adults not being exposed to children who have the chicken pox. Adults who are in contact with children who have the pox have sort of a natural 'booster' from that exposure that may help them fight off shingles. With more and more kids not having the exposure due to vaccination, there is less interaction and thus less protection in older people.

    It will be interesting to watch as the population ages and we get better data.

    I do not recommend reading Dr. Sears book. I would recommend reading these comments about Dr. Sears.

    "Cashing in on the Fear of Danger: Dr. Sears"

    "The many problems with Dr. Bob's alternative vaccine schedule"

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    Quote Originally Posted by OlympianCity View Post
    Hi, everyone
    my brother and i both got it when we were little - so i wonder if it is necessary to jab my baby. I've asked my doctor if it is absolutely necessary.. she told me : "most people who got it just wanted their babies to look nice - meaning they didn't want to see chicken pox scars on their babies' face to affect their look" . . i was like ...seriously? if that was the only reason, i certainly won't care to have my baby to get it! anyone could think of any other reasons why my baby should get it? Thank you !!
    Quote Originally Posted by miran View Post
    we havent got it yet because it is relatively mild at young age (usually). plus it gives immunity against all it's family diseases. however, if bub doesnt get it by the time he's ten or so we would get it.
    You never know at what age you might get it. I got it when I was in the University, and I suffered a lot. You just fell so itchy all over your body, and you just want to scratch and scratch, but you have to resist cause you don't want to break any blister and leave any mark or get any skin infection.... I will definitely give my baby the jab!

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    My kids had/will have the vaccine. I also got Chickenpox at age 19 and I had a horrible case. I had it all down my throat, inside my eyelids - it was ridiculous. And I got a number of scars, even though I was careful not to scratch. Some just got rubbed or got wet etc.. I wouldn't wish it on anyone!! I figure even if the vaccine only works to give them a more mild case, it's worth it!!

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    Once you've had chickenpox, the virus can lie dormant in your spine and could reappear as shingles later in life. Getting the vaccine can reduce your risk of getting both.

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    Agree CP could be insufferable if u have it in adulthood. My husband caught it a month before our baby was due. When I first noted the spots in late evening it scared the shit out of me as I was heavily pregnant and I didn't know what it was and worry it might affect our baby. Luckily it was all ok for me and our baby. Wasn't nice at all to see my husband suffered for about a week though. He was really sick for about 2-3 days (he almost never get really sick) and afterwards for terribly itchy which nothing could help.

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    loveask is offline Registered User
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    I had the cp when I was 29-- soon after my newborn was born. He got it too when he was 1.5 months old but he suffered much less than me.. (I had fever n body chills). My son had a mild fever n ended up with some scars even though he was an infant. Made sure my second child got her cp vaccine as soon as she was old enough.

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