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Baby vaccinations and check-ups at the MCHCs

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    lisa88 is offline Registered User
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    I have been taking my daughter to the Lek Yuen (Shatin) MCHC for two years. Sure it's pretty busy but we have never waited more than 1 hour, apart from the very 1st appointment where we waited 3 hours for the paed to see baby. My husband and I would take turns to bring our daughter. It was workable for me to take 2 hours off work, bring her to the clinic at 9AM and be at my office at 11AM.

    Yes there are mainland families there but none with trolleybags. They just look like regular families who live in the neighbourhood. The clinic is pretty busy but not chaotic. This is from 2 years of regular visits.

    There were 3 vaccinations not on the MCHC list that I had done for my daughter at the GP: rotavirus, HIB & chickenpox. No big deal. I compared this against the vaccination package available at Union Hospital and realized how much I had saved in fees!

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    JayJay is offline Registered User
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    I'm probably as surprised as you are that you've had such a positive experience! I suppose it all boils down to luck and who gets assigned to your child.

    Just like you, my children and I are no strangers to the public healthcare system. Due to prematurity, my twins spent time in the NICU. One spent 3 months while the other spent 5 months. The nurses and occupational therapists that looked after my children were brilliant and kind souls. The doctor assigned to my first-born was also great. She took initiative to reach out to us to update us. But everone else just made me want to pull my hair out.

    I'm not going to hijack this thread with my rant but I'll say this. If you have any doubts at all about the quality of care in the public system, you're probably right and you would not be doing the wrong thing in seeking private healthcare.

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    Can I ask which hospital your twins were at? We were at QMH and do most of our follow-ups at QMH and Duchess of Kent. We have also been to QEH (geneticist - oh I forgot him in that list of specialists before!), the Prince Phillip Dental Hospital (they were BRILLIANT, the best doctor's I've ever seen in HK. Although technically are they doctors or dentists??) and Pamela Youde.

    I do agree with you that WHOEVER you are seeing, it's wise to get second opinions and do your own research about things as well - and if you're EVER in doubt that your child is not getting the care they need, go to every single doctor you can until you find one who will take you seriously - regardless of public or private.

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    We've had pretty good experiences with the public clinics as well. The first time is always longest because I guess they have to register you into the system and you usually need to see the doctor as well. We don't have insurance that covers immunizations either so we're doing most of the shots there and then got the HIB one with the booster at 18 months. With that one, my little one actually experienced the most pain from so it seems that the nurses at the MCHC are better at it :)

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