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Encourage independent play and less demand for attention?

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    How about putting up an activity chart (store bought or home made) where you have tags for different activities throughout the day?

    I find that's really helpful for preschoolers as it really helps them visualize and anticipate their activities. So small tags with the word "breakfast" and a little food icon next to it, "brushing teeth" and a toothbrush icon, "mommy playtime" etc etc so she can anticipate and follow your scheduling.

    I've seen ones that are felt based which can be easily rearranged.

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    Carang's idea about building up your daughter's independence slowly is a good one. It also seems like the iPad and coloring activities aren't getting your daughter's attention. Another thing you could do is think about what your daughter really likes. Is it princess toys, animals, or maybe a different iPad game? Then you could play together for a few minutes then slowly sneak away. When kids find something they really like, they become very engaged and don't want to be distracted.

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    Does she go to kindy? Is she independent then?

    I can see the same in my son as well, and that has clearly started since he got a baby sister. For my part, the best thing is to organise some guilt free (for me) time for him, play dates with friends for example. Then, he is away and when he comes back we are together and I can focus my honest attention on him and he sees that I am there, not only physically but emotionally. I just hope he will grow out of it, and he does get more comfortable when we do spend true quality time together, not just a lot of hours together, as his sister is usually around then too. So I guess my advice is the opposite to the one above... I guess one doesn't exclude the other.

    I took it one step further and started a playgroup which was intended to give me more guilt free time while he gets exactly what he needs. The playgroup is a full afternoon outdoor. The children have lunch together, then they have reading time, and after that they go exploring the nature and beach, learn about safety outdoor, plants and animals, they are introduced to sports and arts in a very relaxed environment. The leader is a lovely lady who used to work for ESF with their afternoon sports activities. The kids LOVE it and are exhausted from fresh air and physical play when they get home. Please check it out on facebook "Dagis HK" for pictures and more info!

    Good luck!

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    Thanks Eje,

    Very helpful! We have decided to start K1 in February for this very reason. I am hoping it will give her the stimulation she needs.

    I will definitely look into the playgroup you mentioned. It sounds fabulous.

    Thank you.

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