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Returning to work and feeling bad

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    nzstephanie is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2011

    Thank you thanka2 and everyone else. You have all raised points that I had always agreed with before being a mother myself - somehow I forgot my own opinions. Especially the comment about being wary of women who make motherhood the main focus of their lives. Although is is a huge part of mine and I love it, I gain great satisfaction from my job too. Thanka2, I take it you are a teacher? Me too, and am lucky that my school is 5 minutes away from home so my boy can come for visits too.
    I feel alot happier about waking up and going to work tomorrow now!

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    miran is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    We (me and my two siblings) grew up with two working parents with little help (no family in town, helper coming in for 1 hour a day, no cook etc). We managed more than fine... i'd have to say we managed very well :) I do remember how proud i was of my mom while growing up. She had so much more on her plate and she juggled it so well. And people knew her not only as our mom or mrs. abc, but as an individual.

    Almost all women in my family have been working moms - my mom, my mom-in-law, aunts, even my grand mom. We dont really know any other way. All these fine ladies managed in different ways and had their own individual styles of parenting. Not a single one of my relatives have ever said that they regretted working. They do say it was extremely tough on some days - but worth it.

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