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stubborn 2.5yr old. School pick up/drop off issue

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    why not prepare something for him to eat in the car like a sandwich or some veg stick and bread? then he CAN sleep immediately when he gets home... then when he wakes up he can have a snack?

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    I will reckon he is tired. Mine wakes up at the same time too, and by noon she will be tired. In anticipation, we will have her lunch ready as soon as she is home and it will be an efficient affair and straight to bed after.

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    Try prepare him mentally in advance - talk to him in advance and 'agree' with him who will pick up n who qill druve etc. My son (2.5yrs) was also used to helper sitting next to him and one time grandma wants to sit there ( easier access as we have a 7-seat van) he threw tantrum! We gave in to stop the drama, Next day in private i 'talk' to him and tell him sometimes xx sits here and xx sits there etc. He fully accepted it, and sometimes repeats it to me. Thereafter he has no problem with who sits where. :)

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    I always think that sleep is more important than food. If my kids are sleepy, they won't eat well anyway. Better to let them get that rest and then have lunch at 2pm (or even 3pm ;) ).

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    The last two days have been okay. I explained that daddy is out of town so mom had to drive and he was fine. Now that daddy ia back, we will see what happen tomorrow!
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    maybe a short nap when you get home then lunch - mine always eats better when they are "awake" and not tired. if i do the pick up i always have a snack for the car ride home because most of the times my kid will be too tired to eat by the time we get home and my kid naps and lunch is "late" say 1:30. good luck!

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