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Discovery Bay playgroup

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    Discovery Bay playgroup

    I recently moved to Discovery Bay with my daughter who will be two in December. In the US she was in day care from 8 until 6 during the week and misses playing with people her own age. I cant afford to have her in a formal playgroup every day and afford the nanny that I have hired. Are there any informal playgroups in DB we could join? Thank you.

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    Discovery Bay

    Hi and welcome to DB! Formal playgroups here in HK are pretty expensive as you've probably found out already! The way we do it is to send my son just 2 mornings a week so that he gets used to structured activities in time for kindergarten. Other than that we have heaps of playdates during the week. Not necessarily at peoples houses, but even just meeting in playgrounds or the plaza. Most of my friends here I met through Midget Gems. They opened (not sure if they still do it) their playroom every Thursday afternoon for a few hours. No teacher, no class, just playing. Cost was $50 to cover drinks and snacks. They have a website, check them out. Other than that we just went to playgrounds and started talking to people! You can also try the American Women's Association. Not sure of all the details but they should have a website somewhere. And maybe the resident's club does something? Not sure there either, but otherwise there's always the playroom. Good luck!

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