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Flu vaccination for baby

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    Flu vaccination for baby

    Does anyone know which influenza vaccines are available in HK? Our private paediatrician recommends Fluarix or Vaxigrip for babies 6 months plus. The Australian government only recommends Influvac (Abbott) or Vaxigrip (Sanofi Pasteur) for children aged 6 months and above, so not Fluarix (GSK). Our local QHMS GP has Fluarix. Has anyone come across Influvac here?

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    flu vaccine in babies?

    I am surprised that the Flu vaccine is recommeded for babies of this age in HK? I know there were some big problems with Fluvax in Australia and doctors have suspended using it until some safety issues are dealt with? I think the issue was the addition of the swine flu to the existing vaccine. Might be worth investingating though, I know I would given the fact that your child is only 6 months.

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    I consulted with two doctors when my son was under one year old. I remember all three told me he didn't need a flu vaccine until after one. He then only got his first vaccine when he turned two then every other year after. I don't think it's necessary to get it every year.

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    According to our GP here in HK, they only recommend vaccinating babies over 12 months here. I plan on getting my whole family vaccinated, including our helper and our 14 month old, but I don't know what brand they use here.

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    The Hong Kong Government's Centre for Health Protection recommends the vaccine for all children age 6 months to 6 years. Very young children are considered a high risk group so I was kind of surprised to hear some doctors are saying wait until age one. In fact the government is currently giving a subsidy to help pay for the vaccine for children over six months.



    The US CDC recommends the vaccine for all children over 6 months, provided the child does not have one of the conditions listed here:

    Children under 6 months should not get the flu vaccine, and children under 2 should never get Flumist, the spray form of the vaccine that is sprayed in the nose.

    The Australia Fluvax had a problem with seizures in children under 5. While the other vaccines were 1 in 1000 having some reaction, the Fluvax had a rate of 1 in 100 and was suspended. The exact cause is still unknown but Fluvax has been withdrawn worldwide while the investigation continues.

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