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autism or AHDH

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    autism or AHDH

    Hi Ladies,

    I wonder if you can help. my DS is almost 3 and can speak a sentence (not very clear), but rarely answer your questions. Some people comment, he gets far too much energy.

    From what I checked from internet about autism, he has speech delay and antisocial. But he is not in his own world, he does interact. Communicating through pointing and speaking a little.

    So, I wonder if I should send him to have autism screen test or just check with pedi.

    Does anybody know when I should take him? any input will be appreciated!

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    I'm of the opinion that you would rather know sooner than later. Early intervention can make so much difference in our kids. You can get him screened at Matilda's Child Development Centre, I'm pretty sure - I haven't used their services though.

    All the best xox

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    Hi, I would say dont come to conclusions reading stuff on the internet. If you have concerns please check with a paed. There is a new doc at Children818, Linda Ho? who specializes in developement issues.

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    I will recommend Dr Iris Lau at the Sanitorium :
    She is very well qualified, patient and thorough with her tests and diagnosis.

    Go sooner than later. If there are any issues, early diagnosis and treatment will benefit your childs development and happiness.

    I've also heard good things about Matilda but I have no experience with their department.

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    The public Duchess of Kent Child Assessment Center is very good, too. You can get a referral to it through your neighborhood Maternal and Child Health Clinic, which provides developmental advice at regular intervals. Please discuss at your next visit and they'll give you an appointment first with a nurse, who will give you a form for the child's teacher to complete. After the form has been completed, you'll review it in greater detail with the doctor at the MCHC who will be the one to make the referral to the DKCAC. Our child has been recently diagnosed for mild autism and have been assigned a medical social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist and child psychologist. He also was checked out by the optometrist and audiologist to rule out sight/ hearing related problems on site. All sessions have been conducted in English. However, as with all public services, there can be a longer wait for some than others.
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