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Toddler toothbrush always so hard!

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    Lightbulb Toddler toothbrush always so hard!

    Hi, do you guys also find that baby and toddler toothbrushes (bristles ) are always so hard? Seems harder than adult ones sometimes! I found 2 brands my 6 year old uses (Preserve Junior and Systema) which are the softest but I can't remember where (which country! since we travel so much) we got it from. Does anyone know? I highly recommend them for younger kids even though they're sold for 5 year olds. My 21 months has just learned how to talk and she's telling me "hurts, Mama, teeth hurts" whenever I brush her teeth with baby toothbrush (have tried all brands at local baby stores like Bumps to Babes and Eugene Club etc) so I'm getting her new soft 5 year old ones! Does anyone know where to get "Preserve Jr" toothbrushes? Thx!

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    We have Oral B and use soft circular motions when brushing the teeth, so far my girl seems to be ok. The bristle is not hard.

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    I use OralB for my 2-year-old, too

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