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Night time drama

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    Thank you son is 2...we did not have any big problems with the PU/PD method..the usual...crying..but he was young and it it is the crawling out of the bed..I will take your advice and move him to a mattress on the floor if he continues to throw him self out of bed....and go back to the PUPD method....he now has a cold and wants mamma....
    I too am a believer of routines...just need to get him back back on his sleeping in his crib...

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    We moved my daughter to a "big bed" when she was about 18 months old. When she figured out that she was no longer confined, we ended up having to put a gate on her bedroom to keep her in! She would still get out of bed but we'd ignore her (sometimes she would protest very loudly!) and she would end up going to sleep in her bed. It took a while for her to learn, but by the time she was 2.5 we removed the gate and she would stay in her room. For her, ignoring her was the best thing that we could do - if we gave her any attention it would just take her longer and longer to actually get to sleep. Now, we just put her in bed and rarely hear from her after that, even if it takes her a while to go to sleep, she just sings and plays quietly in her room and doesn't leave the bed.

    If he is climbing out of his crib, maybe for his own safety it would be better to move him to a "big bed"... you have to do it sooner or later anyway, maybe now is a good opportunity?

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