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Mum and Mum Only

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    Mum and Mum Only

    Hi Mums,

    Our 18 month toddler recently had his molars and canines came out (8 infact) in one week. During this period he started developing a strong attachment to mum and not allowing dad or the helper to hold him during the day or put him to bed at night. Previous to this, it was possible for any one in the flat to look after him. It has now been over 1 week since his molars came out and his fever is gone but he still very clingy to mum. We are not sure whether the teething triggered this behaviour and whether we need to train him to accept other members of the family or just let this phase pass by itself.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    This is very normal behaviour for an 18 month old - it may or may not have been triggered by the teething or just generally feeling a bit off colour (you mentioned fever which is not caused by teething). 18 months is the peak time for separation anxiety and attachment to a key carer, normally but not always the mum. And lots of adults still want their mum when they are sick!

    It will pass; if you try and force/train him you are more likely to prolong it than anything else.Sounds like it has only been a week or so. If it is manageable (ie you are not working or have to be absent for some other reason) then try and ride it out - this too shall pass- although it is hard work when it is happening. Good luck.

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