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Pus at the injection site

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    Pus at the injection site

    My girl just had her 6 month vaccination last sat and we notice that there is pus at the jab area. Anyone has this experience before? Should i go to doc or monitor first? Thanks!

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    What was she vaccinated for?

    I've never had any type of reaction like that with my LO's, but it might be the type of vaccine she received...

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    Clean it with boiled water after every 4-5 hrs and let it dry before putting on clothes. We got the pus on our daughter's arm when she was 2 months old, and the midwife advised us to do this always in case there is pus at injection site, if it does not start improving in a couple of days, then you need to see a doctor.

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    If your baby has any fever or other unusual symptoms (nausea, lack of appetite) or of the injection site swells, gets red and spreads or the area with visible pus spreads would see a doctor right away. Likewise see a doctor if it doesn't get better within a couple days.

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    Was it for the BCG/TB? I think that can occur with the BCG vaccination.

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