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Are vaccinations mandatory in HK?

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    Carang, that's true the populations are very different. but since I'm pretty sure my baby won't be frequenting the bars in Wan Chai any time soon, the chances of my 1 month old contracting the STD Hep B are pretty slim, yet that's the vaccine they give one month olds. MMR, which is the one my baby would most likely benefit from just being around loads of people, doesn't come up until she is one year old, while chicken pox and influenza (other likely diseases a child can easily get from being in crowded spaces) aren't on the slate at all.

    Like i said, i was specifically told, by doctor, the schedule is set to catch children early on when parents are most vigilant about bringing their babies in regularly. Once children get past 2 years old, she said, parents often forget to schedule appoints or skip them and don't reschedule. There is no medical benefit to having them done that early. I'm not trying to play Russian roulette with my baby's health. I do think delaying them for a short while will be more beneficial than detrimental. it seems perfectly OK in HK to request a delay, so I will go ahead. thanks everyone for your help!

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    My numerous children had a very selective immunisation schedule.
    I chose which ones to give and when. Some of the preparations are available separately. For instance you could ask for the diptheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis at 12 weeks and come back to the polio 4 weeks later and Hib four weeks later. You then would have to start the second round and third round of vaccines four weeks after that, at the earliest intervals.
    It takes quite a lot of commitment to do this, which is why the medical profession need to have a tighter schedule of five vaccines in one vial, repeated twice at monthly intervals.

    The vaccines are given to help develop an immunity from the various diseases, so be cautious where you take your baby and who interacts with your young baby.
    There are serious consequences to the diseases that we as a society have chosen to vaccinate against.

    Six months of age may be a little late to start the vaccines, you could compromise at starting at perhaps four months. One reason why the schedule is so early in life, is that as the baby becomes older, the immune system is much more mature and more likely to react to the toxins.

    If you research which paediatrician is open to being flexible, you need to discuss this with them and go fully armed with knowlege of exactly what each vaccine is, and it's value so that you can make informed decisions and be a competent partner in the care of your baby.

    I have read many books on the issues and you need to research the viewpoints which hold a balanced perspective rather any who are radical either way.

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    Chicken Pox (medically known as Varicella) is recommended at 12mths...whereas influenze IS not on the list, both my pediatricians recommended that my older siblings (not baby) get the immunization as the chances of baby getting influenze are relatively low, BUT they can get it from their siblings whom both attend school in some form.

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