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baby 4weeks old, poo every 3-4 days, eating enough?

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    baby 4weeks old, poo every 3-4 days, eating enough?

    my baby girl is breadtfed, top up with formula 1-2 times a day. She poos every 3-4 days, while i heard every one saying brestfed babies should poo several times a day, i,m a bit worry if she is getting the amount she needed. one point to note is, she poos a lot each time, wetting her thigh and her clothes.

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    lisa88 is offline Registered User
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    your baby is fine. Breastfed babies poo less frequently than formula fed babies, because all the breastmilk is easily absorbed into the baby's body. My baby was exclusively breastfed until 10 months, she would poo every 2-4 days. There was one time when she didn't poo for TEN days and I was really worried, but baby was absolutely fine. Your information about breastfed babies poo-ing several times a day is wrong. That may be true of formula fed babies - I'm not totally sure though. I heard that formula has a lot starch (plus lots of other stuff) which will does not get absorbed by the body.

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    Our baby often didn't poo for several days when she was breast fed, this is normal and nothing to worry about. Check with your paediatrician if you are really concerned but a quick Google of the baby information sites should reassure you. KellysMom is very good:

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    My son had a poo nearly every time he fed, and he has a super quick metabolism even now, and poos once or twice a day even as a 6 yr old. My daughter is very different. She poos once every other day or once every few days. But she has plenty of wet diapers and seems content. if she were uncomfortably backed up, she'd be pretty fussy, so take a cue from your baby. If he or she doesn't have a bloated belly and isn't acting uncomfortable, they are probably fine.

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