I wouldn't be so dismissive of it... If you think about it... Why would they admit to it... There would be trillions of dollars of lawsuits towards governments and the pharmaceutical companies.

These figures would alert any parent to be careful what they pump into their children at such a vulnerable age:

Past & Present: Autism
Prevalence Rate

1985: The prevalance of Autism is 1 in 2500 births
2000: Autism rates rise to 1 in 500
2004: 1 in 166 children are affected with Autism
2009: An astounding 1 in 91 births result in an Autism diagnosis

A new study by the CDC shows the autism prevalence rate is much higher than originally thought (1 in 150). According to the study, autism affects 1 in 91 children. And 1 in 58 boys, totaling an estimated 673,000 or approximately 1% of all children in the United States. (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention October, 2009).

Some food for thought....