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Paediatrician dr. Jennifer Yu

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    Paediatrician dr. Jennifer Yu

    I am due anytime and am looking for a good paediatrician. Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Jennifer Yu on Braemar Hill road? How is she? Kindly share.

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    I've been going to her for almost five years now - before we even had kids. She also is a GP and has a nice little clinic up there. She's been trained in Canada and is good with English etc, so are her staff - I've often seen other Westerners up there as well.

    All in all, I've been really happy there. She doesn't charge near as much as the doctors in Central and she is very helpful. There have been times when I've called her not sure whether I need to come in or not and she's talked to me on the phone (and obviously didn't charge me for it). She doesn't over-prescribe medication and explains what each medicine is for and when to take it (eg, to relieve which symptoms in particular).

    If you call and make an appointment, you can usually get an appointment pretty quickly - and then when you go up there, you are usually seen pretty soon after your appointment time. However, she does always have space for walk-in appointments which I have done from time to time, you need to wait longer without an appointment, but usually not longer than 45 min or so.

    I now have two kids and have seen quite a lot of her over the past few years with them!! Overall, I'm very happy with her and have recommended her to quite a few friends, particularly those who live in the area.

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