Hi everyone
Need advice. My 4 yr old has a hoarse voice for almost 1 month and half. It started after a bad cold and after he recovered from the cold , his voice didnt improve. We have been to see his doctor twice and after taking inflammatory medicine (Nurafen) , voice didnt recover back to normal.
Originally I put it down to talking to much and crying as he was going through a crying spell where he would cry if didnt get his way.

But a recent visit to the ENT specialist found that there is a small polyp on the voice box and recommended surgery to remove the polyp.

I am worried about surgery as it will require general anethesia - has anyone been through this type of surgery themselves or experience it with their child and can share their experience?
I am thinking of trying Chinese medicine for my son to see if it can help with the voice . Feel that surgery is last resort but should I wait and try Chinese medicine or not?

Going back to see his paedetrician this week to get more advice as well

Worried Mom