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Playgroup for babies and helpers

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    Playgroup for babies and helpers

    I'm a working mother of a lovely 9 month old boy. I would like to arrange play dates for him and my helper. Most of the playgroups in Stanley only allow mothers and babies. I hate to think that he misses out because I have to go to work. If anyone is interested please contact me. We are located in Stanley but are more than happy to take turns at travelling.

    Also, if you know of any playgroups that allow helpers and would be willing to share the contact details with me that would be great too!

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    I went to Baby Buddies with my son. We started when he was 6 months. Most of the kids went with their helpers. There are a few in HK; Sheung Wan, Tin Hau, CWB. I guess that's still quite a trek for you. Anyway you can google it and get info you need. Good luck!

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    Happy Valley

    Hiya - I have a 4 month old and am due back at work mid June. I;d love to arrange a weekly play date with my helper and yours if you are still looking. We are in Happy Valley but could take turns. I have contacted Baby Buddies but have not heard anything yet.

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    Hi ladies
    I run classes called Sensational Baby which are multi-sensory activity sessions where we do a whole range of fun stuff for little ones. Helpers are more than welcome to attend and we have a friendly mix of mums,dads and helpers. I currently have classes in 2 locations in Central on Weds and Thurs. Please contact me if you'd like to know more or to come to a trial session. You may also like to check out my website

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    A lady runs a music group call honky tonky at her house in stanley and I think she has sessions for helpers. Her email is [email protected]
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    We have also joined the baby buddies as well in causeway bay (from tin hau before), it is really good, my son enrolled the course since he was 9 months and now he is turning into 2, we love teacher Laura and Jenna

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