Our 19 month old climbed out of her cot recently and fell, so we have had to move her to a toddler bed before we think she is ready (she moves around a lot while she is sleeping - usually can be found upside down and backwards from whatever position she was laid down in). Before moving to the toddler bed, sometimes she would cry in her cot, move around a bit for under 5 minutes and then settle quickly and fall asleep.

Now that she is able to safely climb out of bed she seems completely unable to settle herself in the middle of the night as she will get up out of the bed and walk out of the room. We will put her back in her bed and sometimes she will be okay as long as we are sitting right next to her and/ or patting her back a little (we try not to hold her at night to put her to sleep). But as soon as we get up to leave her room its like she has some sort of sixth sense and she wakes up immediately and starts screaming (not just crying, really screaming). Have tried shutting her bedroom door and letting her leave the cot in her room only, but she just cried (we prefer not to let her cry for more than 15 minutes, but perhaps we need to, although I'm not sure).

We don't want this to become a habit as she is waking and getting up every 1.5 hours or so, totally disrupting everyone's sleep, including hers (she has been generally cranky during the day because she isn't sleeping well) but don't know what to do to fix it. Would love to hear any advice anyone has.