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Toddler - eating problems

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    Toddler - eating problems

    My daughter is 19 months old. About a month ago, we had a chest infection and was unwell for 10 days. Before this she would eat most things put in front of her and at least tried everything. But now, she will only eat toast or sometimes spaghetti.
    This has been going on for 2 weeks now and i don't know what to do anymore.
    Any advice please?

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    It may be that her throat is still sore?
    I would just not make a huge fuss about it. Maybe leave other foods around, readily available for her to eat like chopped fruit, carrots etc that she can just pick up and snack on.
    At meal times, cook her what she would normally eat and if she does not want it, then do not force it, but leave that meal there and if she is hungry enough, she will eat it.
    Hopefully you can get it resolved soon.
    Good luck.

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    Second amyh. Just continue to offer and if she doesn't eat it's OK. My 21mth old is bad in a similar sense...she will only get bread and not rice....but I have continued to offer rice (though in smaller portions so as to minimize wastage) and she will eat some of Chinese she needs to get used to eating rice as they won't have bread at Chinese restaurants when we dine it's jutst the practical thing to do,

    Maybe she's still in pain...maybe it's a phase...either way as long as she's eating something healthy I wouldn't worry too much! Good luck.

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