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Skin tag...

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    Skin tag...

    Sorry if this might be TMI, but I've noticed that my 7 month old has developed some sort of a skin tag right above her rectum. At first I thought it might be hemorrhoids, so I decided to get it checked out. I took her to the doctor and she said it's just a skin tag and that it most likely formed after some type trauma to the area (i.e. constipation or anal fissure). Has anyone ever experienced this?? It's not red or irritated and doesn't seem to bother my baby much, but it definitely looks strange. Do babies grow out of these?

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    skin tags are quite common and can be located in many different places on the body. they are quite commonly found under the arm in the armpit for some reason.

    there is no reason to be alarmed or worried. it is just a small flap of extra skin. if you want, you can have it removed, but i wouldn't put a small baby through that.

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    I think as they grow they will flatten out and disappear in many cases (given the age of your child). Mine had two on the back, after a few months one was gone, and after a few more the other one was gone. So I wouldn't recommend removing it; just wait and see (anyway, it is in a very hidden area).

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