I bought one for my older daughter when she was about 2.5, at the time my younger was around 8 months and started sitting with us for meals, so I put her in the old high chair and put our older daughter in the new Stokke, thinking that after another year, my older daughter could sit at a regular seat and our baby could sit in the Stokke. I quickly fell in love with it and ended up buying another one so to replace the high chair we already had. I love how it's so adjustable. Another thing I LOVE (particularly being in HK) is that they don't take up that much space. My old high chair had a huge base, and couldn't slide under the table at all. The design of the Stokke, even though the base is probably larger than a regular chair, most of it will slide under the table and it takes up FAR less space than a regular high chair.

My girls now are 3.5 and nearly 2, and if I had another kid now, I'd probably buy a third because my older daughter is still far too short to sit comfortably at the table. For me, they were hands down the best "baby product" I ever bought and I think they are definitely worth the investment (if you can get them at a discount even better - I think I got mine at Mothercare with 20% off since it was in the month of one of my kids' birthdays).