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HELP! My almost 3 yr old refuses to sit on the potty

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    Thanks for all ur replies, everyone! I started potty training on Sunday and after sticking with it for three days, he got the hang of it. As of today (Friday), he is fully trained!! At the beginning he hated being on the potty and would cry. But I decided to not give up after one day, so I stuck with it and the crying stopped, although he would still need to sit for a while before anything came out. But the past two days, he'd just come and say "I need to pee pee" and go on the potty and go right away. he's even pooed in there for four straight days. He also will go in the toilet in the public restrooms like the mall or the restaurant. We've tried that already. I guess he was ready. We just needed to get past the first hurdle of sitting on the potty.
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    What about at night time? How do we tackle that hurdle? My girl has gone without but of course she wet her bed even though she pewee before bed time. Today she peeed twice befor bed time...can you guys share what's worked ands or not worked? Thanks! :)

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