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How can I make the baby like to eat?

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    How can I make the baby like to eat?

    My baby three years old, she did not like to eat breakfast, lunch can eat rice, but do not like to bite, not many fruits to eat, I'm afraid she malnutrition, affecting the health and development, how can I do?

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    some kids just don't like to eat.... my son is the same and he's 7.5. i make sure he doesn't get many snacks but if he does i try to make them fairly healthy: yoghurt, banana, crackers etc.

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    Try more variety till you find something. If you're scared she is malunourished give her more milk to drink. My 2nd is like that...she doesn't like rice, but i found out she likes bread and some kinds of pasta, so I don't give her a lot of rice. ,aybe loads with more sauce? White auce, red sauce, will have to try and see what your kid likes.

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    We're bad, I admit - we allow books at the table to "distract" the kids into eating more. also, counting down ("only 5 more bites"), eating together as a family so they see we are all eating the same thing, "hiding" healthy food behind more "appealing" food (e.g., broccoli behind pasta), fun shapes (baked rice balls with vegetables). Tofu and bread are very popular in our house.

    also, seeing other children eating "fun looking" food like grapes and blueberries can help. Good luck

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