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    Quote Originally Posted by elle View Post
    I would definitely check with individual schools regarding which vaccinations they require - the two preschools that my child has attended have both required vaccination records before she could begin classes. So do most of the international schools. Don't know about the local schools so perhaps someone else can provide info on that.
    I second this with regard to international kindergartens, and some Cantonese medium ones. I applied to four and I checked out several others and all required a copy of vaccination card as part of the application. So while there might be some schools willing to accept a child that does not have the usual vaccines, I have a feeling it would narrow your choice.
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    The kindergartens and schools do ask for a copy of vaccination records but I have deviated significantly from the standard schedule (refusing some, delaying some and having some as per recommended schedule) and this hasn't caused any problems.with our applications and admission.

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    Silly question here, but where do you go for the baby's vaccinations? Your family doctor or local hospital? Is the cost of the vaccination covered under the government health scheme?

    Also, we are planning to deliver in Japan and will stay there another month before coming back to HK. Based on the HK prescribed vaccination schedule, the first one will occur at birth and month one. As we will be in Japan, we may get the first two shot there - will this pose any problems? Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

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    we used the MCHC (maternal & child health clinic) provided by the gov't. i don't think they cost anything, that i can remember...

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