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Support groups for parents of children with medical conditions

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    Support groups for parents of children with medical conditions

    Hi All,
    I am wondering what kind of support groups/access to information there is for english speaking parents with children with serious medical conditions in Hong Kong? Am just looking into how much support there is for families and how easily it can be accessed.
    Thank you kindly

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    My daughter has a debilitating form of dwarfism and I (sometimes) attend a special needs group that is advertised in Playtimes magazine. It's called "Special needs network" and is mostly informal meet ups once a month or once every couple of months. Because of Summer, there are no more meet ups until September. We often meet at Stormie's in Elements. For more information, you can email Kim Anderson at [email protected]

    In the group, there's a range of special needs from cerebral palsy, to downs syndrome, to autism, deafness, etc... they vary in terms of the degree of disability and medical needs. They have been fantastic in answering my millions of questions about medical systems, resources, schooling options etc... Kim is great and so willing to help.

    If you want to chat, please drop me a message too. My daughter is only 2 so I'm still quite "new" to special needs, but we're always at the hospital for one appointment or another.

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