Hi all,

I have Victoria Kindergarten size 6 : 2 x winter gray pinafore and long sleeved white shirt (girls' uniform), 1 x red sports jacket (with the fleece removable jacket), 1 x winter PE uniform (dark blue track pants + beige jumper), size 4 winter PE uniform, 1 school backpack with the cup and towel case.

Regarding the condition of the clothes, they aren't pristine and new, but for a child who might be at Victoria kindergarten for just a year or two, should still be good enough.

Am not charging for it. Was going to give it to the school to use for the kids who need a change of clothes at school but i think they should have enough by now.

Please send me an text message on 9305-6454 if interested. I live in Western Midlevels - near Bonham Road, Park Road area. Can also PM me here.