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Moving to Hong Kong with 2 year old?

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    Moving to Hong Kong with 2 year old?

    Hi I am moving to Hong Kong hopefully at the begining of next year or maybe even sooner with my 2 year old son and husband from the UK. My husband will be working so I will be a stay at home mum, and we are hoping to stay in HK for a long time, although we have never been there before. I am very nervous to be honest as I know I'm going to miss my family and being there with my baby without my mum close by is really hard for me. I would just like to know what activities are there for me an my son i.e baby groups etc? Where is the best place to live in HK with a family, as I dont want to be too remote on the islands, but dont want to be in the middle of the city etc? And how is it for expat kids growing up in Hon Kong, is it a good place for children to grow up? Thanks for any advice and info in advance, it is very appreciated as I am such a worrier, I need a lot of encouragment about moving to hong kong, I do want to, but I'm just very nervous about it. x

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    it is completely impossible to give you more ideas on where to live without knowing more about you and your situation.

    (1) budget?
    (2) do you want facilities such as pool/gym?
    (3) what do you like to do in your "down time"?
    (4) where will hubby work?
    (5) how long of a commute is he willing to put up with?
    (6) are you planning on hiring a domestic helper?
    (7) are you planning on buying a car or making use of the fantastic public transportation?
    (8) what types of activities are you looking for for your child? art? music? sports? languages? playgrounds (indoor/outdoor)?..... whichever way you look at it, they are all readily available for a price...
    (9) do you want to be only with expats? mostly with expats? or a good mix of expats and locals?
    (10) is your idea of a night out on the town: dinner and a movie once/month or clubbing with hubby 2x/week?
    (11) what do YOU like to do?
    (12) what are your priorities as a family? do you want more space or convenience?
    (13) do you like high-rise living or would you prefer a village life?

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