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Best Recipes For Kids

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    nltempany is offline Registered User
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    May 2012

    Best Recipes For Kids

    I would like to start a 'best recipe' thread.
    Here are the guidelines:
    1. Nutritious
    2. Quick to prepare
    3. Appeals to kids

    Here are two of our favorite morning foods: (I make enough for 1 adult and 3 kids)

    • 3 mangoes chopped
    • 3 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream (or natural yoghurt)
    • 2 Yakult (or honey if using yoghurt)
    Blend together

    • 10 Pomelo segments
    • Yoghurt of your choice
    • Muesli of your choice (my favorite is M&S found in M&S food stores)
    Layer ingredients in a bowl and enjoy.

    I would really love to hear what other people's 'best', simple, nutritious and child friendly recipes are. It doesn't matter if they are breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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    mummymoo is offline Registered User
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    yummy jaffles, bread, butter, ham, stringy cheese, slice of tomato

    yummy chocolate truffles, crushed maries biscuits, cocoa powder, condensed milk, dessicated coconut, roll into balls and roll in dessicated coconut...deliciosu, children love it but definitely not the healthiest thing in the world

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    kpelszyn is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2010

    in the smoothies you mentioned above i put whatever green veggie i have around from homegrown foods. i let my kids help make the smoothies and they each pick out a veggie to put in it. you can't taste it over the fruit and it's super healthy. I always buy fruit and just cut up and freeze to make smoothies and use coconut water for the liquid base.

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    thanka2 is offline Registered User
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    May 2009

    Well, I don't know if this makes the "quick to prepare" guideline but one of the favorites in our house is a "healthy macaroni and cheese." We buy organic squash or pumpkin from the store. We bake it in the over and then scoop it out and puree it and then freeze it in portion-sized bags. When it comes time to make the Mac n Cheese we use Eden organic pasta shells and boil the pasta. Then we mix cheese into the pureed pumpkin/squash to make a cheese sauce--we pour this over the noodles and mix. My son (who isn't keen on eating vegetables) LOVES this and sometimes he'll say "it isn't sweet enough..." which means he wants me to add more pumpkin/squash. I also like to eat this for lunch sometimes. Besides the initial prep of the squash it only probably takes 15 minutes to prepare this dish.

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    I'm finding that my 10 month old son enjoys rice rather a lot, oddly enough - well, perhaps not so odd. He also likes macaroni and cheese, which is good, because I too grew up with this dish since I was living in the UK at the time . And he likes fish also. Obviously I've been blessed that my son likes all sorts of healthy foods - so far, anyhow

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    themiasmic is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2015

    our home favourite is nachos. Could be dreadfully unhealthy but we got some really good quality tortilla chips at Olivers, and then homemade tomato onion salsa, refried beans, salad, sour cream and enough cheese for the kids to love it.

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