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Mainland Mum in Hong Kong with No ID (yet)

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    As long as your wife has a HK ID card when she goes to the public hospital in labour she will only be charged local rates (I paid $150 for me and a bit more for baby as he was in special care for a week - about $350 I think). I suggest you go to a private OBGYN until your wife gets her ID and then register with the public hospital and do at least a couple of check ups with them.

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    if your wife has a dependent visa, why doesn't she have a HKID yet? it doesn't make any sense.... you need to apply for a HKID within a month (i believe) of arriving/obtaining your visa.

    also, even if she just has the temporary paper until she gets the real card, she can still register with the public hospital.

    public hospitals don't work the same as private ones... they will not turn you away if you are resident....they don't have "quotas" that fill up, the same way as private hospitals have.

    i'm really understanding less about the actual situation as you provide more information.

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    Yes agree with Carang, if you wife is here on a dependent visa then it doesn't make sense why she didn't get a HKID in the first place, as on a temporary visa you keep having to exit HK to renew the visa (I came on a dependent visa with my husband from Australia) and that would have been a TOTAL hassle, and it seems as if you guys have been here for some months to half a year from your post.

    Irrespective, I think you've had quite a bit of great advice from the ladies and men on this forum i.e. to ask work to write a letter in support of your continuing employment or ask them to renew the contract early ect.

    I wouldn't stress out, once your wife gets the HKID she can register in the hospital within her geographical area and it doesn't matter if they are full or otherwise, they will HAVE to take her onboard no matter how far along she is. In the mean time, the antenatal care probably needs to be done in the private (the private don't care if you have a HKID or not - so long as you can pay their fees --> CAPITALISM pure and simple).

    I would try and sort it out ASAP though as there are different rules for Mainland women when they marry locals (and I'm not sure if this applies to Mainland ladies who marry non HK residents). Carang is right in that Mainland ladies that marry local HK men are not entitled to live in HK with their husbands for around 5 years, they are issued with visas to visit regularly I think but they can't stay here permanently and certainly can't work here. Moreover, they are NOT entitled to a HKID.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HG19 View Post
    HI Redestiny, even with ID the rules have changed in 2013 and it would be too late to get a place especially with Chinese new year round the corner.
    OP: The rules for those with ID hasn't /isn't changing. The only rule changes apply to non-eligible mums (ie mums without ID). As several posters have already explained, public hospitals will take a mother with an ID card. Full or not, they will take her.

    If your wife has a dependent visa in her passport she is now eligible for an ID card. It doesn't matter how many months you have left on your visa - if she has a dependent visa she can get an ID card now.

    If, in fact, she doesnt have a dependent visa - you said initially that she holds a right to remain visa - that is a different issue.

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    Hello everyone, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone on this Forum for the help and advice.

    My wife now has here ID card and we have a place in a hospital ….Phew.

    Basically don’t believe everything you read and don’t be afraid to go and give it a try

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