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Toddler doesn't like candies

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    Roshna is offline Registered User
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    I am in the same boat. My older one does not eat sweets - no candies, chocolates, juices, cakes, sweet biscuits. And my in-laws think i am doing it on purpose and that i am mean and i should encourage her to eat some sweets. She jsut prefers savory - salty stuff like chips. I thought - now that i am midlife, trying to eat right and keep my weight down, i wish i didnt like sweets so much. So i do not encourage my daughter at all. I will ask if whe wants a juice or something and she'll say mom, you know i don't like sweets and that's it. It's a matter of preference. My younger son has a sweet tooth. We didnt encourage or discourage.

    As for vitamins, i used a syringe for liquid vitamins (no needle, those medicine ones) and said they had to take it to stay strong. Luckily, they did!

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    Gataloca, I think as your son is only 2-years-old the willingness to take supplements will change as he gets older. My older son is very suspicious of most foods--especially supplements but now that he's 4.5 and can reason I can tell him, "You need to eat it so you don't get sick." He willingly can drink or eat some things that aren't tasty at all--even ones that are sour or bitter. But, trying to give them to him at 2-years-old would never have gone over. If it's really important to you that he take supplements, you'll just probably have to go the route that Roshna did and force your child to take them--syringe to the back of the throat works.

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    My daughter is the same & I've had to teach her how to politely decline sweets & save ourselves from embarrassment especially from some well meaning, enthusiastic locals who just wanted to share a lolly etc.*

    I hope your son doesn't confuse the sweet & sugary supplements/vitamins with candies. If he does, try to make the clear distinction. Good luck.*
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