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Cantonese mom looking for playdates for 3-year-old son in Kowloon

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    Cantonese mom looking for playdates for 3-year-old son in Kowloon

    I am a local Cantonese working mom. Would like to find English/Mandarin speaking (or any other languages) playdates for my 3-year-old boy, who is now going to K1 at a local kindergarten. My boy has a few good friends of the same age. We moms think it would be a good idea to meet up with expat parents who want to introduce Cantonese to their kids. It would be a good chance for culture exchange and we could certainly help you explore Hong Kong!

    I have a younger son aged 17 months and would be happy to meet babies of his age as well.

    We all live on the Kowloon side so we prefer to gather in Kowloon. Please leave a message or pm if you are interested. Thanks!

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    where in Kowloon that you live?

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