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    Good evening
    From January to July this year our son, aged 3, had the wonderful experience of having an Ayi play and talk to him in Mandarin for 3 hours, twice a week. This was shared with 1 other boy. The combination of having a playdate & the mandarin worked really well. It was informal, fun & child lead. The boys learned lots of Mandarin & had lots of fun.. a winning combination for active boys!!
    Sadly, we have had to forfeit this set up as our son has started Kindergarten & the time clashes with Ayi's availability.
    I have 2 queries. Firstly is there anyone who would consider linking up with us to share an Ayi for 2 afternoon a week. Each session lasting 2 hour approx (eg. 2-4pm). Secondly, can anyone recommend where I can begin looking for a Mandarin speaking lady that may be interested in dong this job. The previous Ayi was arranged by my son's friend mom as she speaks Mandarin
    Thank you

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    aaroncheng is offline Registered User
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    tai wai

    May I know where you live? hk island or KLN?

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    hong kong

    I'd be interested as well.

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