Whereabouts do you live?
On the Hk side - Try My Little Classroom, located in CauseWay Bay. They run 2 classes in the morning . Heard eXtReMELy positive feedback from friends. My friends accompany their kids to class sometimes, and at other times, the helpers do the accompanying. To my understanding , they teach 6 'subjects' each class. From gym to arts to science to sentence building to etiquette. The teacher there used to teach at woodland at repulse Bay. It is very important that we all choose a playgroup not only with a good structured curriculum, but also a school or learning Center with qualified teachers. When my boy was younger, I have tried so many different playgroups with a good program, but lack teacher quality. Or vice versa.
There is another one in Kowloon. Let me ask and get back to you soon.
Hope it helps!
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