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Avoid Hong Kong pediatrician Dr. Barbara Lam

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    Avoid Hong Kong pediatrician Dr. Barbara Lam

    Hi, I am an expat with a newborn living in Hong Kong and I just had the most miserable experience with Dr. Barbara Lam who runs a pediatric clinic in the Central Building in Central, Hong Kong. If anyone is considering seeing this pediatrician, I highly recommend they look elsewhere. This doctor has run me through two days of unnecessary nonsense, starting with a completely inaccurate scale in her office which said my baby was underweight, when actually he has been verified at the correct weight. Due to her 15 minute evaluation, she sent me to two different hospitals in two days, insisting unnecessary tests be run, and even calling my husband and giving him medical information she never provided to me when I told her that I was going to seek an alternate opinion (both hospitals confirmed there was nothing wrong with my baby). She is incredibly rude, indignant and reactive. I hope this post can help someone else avoid going through the hell she has put me through.

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    Oh my thanks for your opinion have you found a good pediatrician since?

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    Today is my daughter's 21st birthday. She was born at Queen Mary Hospital at 2.1/2 pounds. As an expat I was unable to have my doctor present. Within an hour of my daughter arriving at the Intensive Care Unit, Dr. Lam approached me and offered to guide me personally through her care. She did not have to do that.
    Over the following many weeks of many ups and downs Dr. Lam was there, nights and weekends. I had her cell phone number. My daughter came close to not seeing her 1st birthday not to mention her 21st. Her illness was complex and required real expertise. Dr. Lam provided it.
    Dr. Lam is a capable , caring professional and I have thanked god each year on my daughter's birthday for what Dr . Lam did for her.

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    I'm also an expat and delivered my twins with a well known pediatrician. My second was bourn with some complications and I mentioned to the pediatrician that my boy was stretching himself intensively away from me at every single feed. The pediatrician simply told me to be less "fixated on the behavior of a new bourn" . I took the boys to Dr. Lam who immediately noted my sons severe reflux which was affecting his nervous system and reflexes. Thanks Dr Lam, my son was feeling better two weeks later. She has been the boys pediatrician for almost 2yrs and I've been great full to her expertise a number of times.

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