My 13 month old son has recently started crying alot. This started on his 11 month mark when he's started to need attention.
We both go to work and only see him at weeknights for literally an hour v before he sleeps and weekends.

We bring him to a Playgroup every Saturday and it has been tough. If the domestic helper holds him, he's fine. If it's us, he cries quite uncontrollably.

He's been doing the same occasionally at home when the maid is working on something and when we're having our lunch or dinner.

I really do not hope for my son to cru like that as it has been hard for him and us. I also don't want him to be picky and spoiled.

Two schools of thoughts I've heard from people. Some say that he's too little tight now so give him what he wants and keep him happy. Others say that we need to be tougher on him and let him cry it out and that we should instill the thinking that crying won't give him what he wants.

Your thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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