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Box Hill "International Preschool and Kindergarten": HK's biggest scam?

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    Tuen Mun

    I am actually a Kindergarten teacher and have found that this happens in a lot of schools.. I have a daughter too so it makes me more wary to which Kindergarten I will send her.

    If you are a teacher in an international school (the class teacher not assistant) you MUST be a QKT (qualified kindergarten teacher). However, if you are an English teacher in a local school then you do not have to be a QKT but you must have some sort of qualification related to teaching (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA) preferably with a degree.

    After working with the international and local system of Kindergartens in Hong Kong. I am leaning more towards the local system for my daughter.

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    Thanks for keeping us updated with stuff like this, its always useful going through the forums when making such an important decision. After reading this stuff and talking to friends, I have come to the general conclusion that kindergartens which are in older areas are generally more well established and more experienced. Something worth considering even if you live over in Kowloon / NT but you have a car.

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    I dont know about TKO Boxhill but i am parent of my girl in fo tan boxhill.
    School fee ~ 4200, no any other fee.
    We were free to buy any uniform or school photo we want

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