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Moving to HK in 3 wks - Things to bring from US

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    Post Moving to HK in 3 wks - Things to bring from US


    I'm going to try to make this as short as possible so please bare with me

    We (me, hubby and a 2 yr old) moving to HK from US in 3 wks. I'm trying to come up with things that I want to bring (or better to bring) from US and thought I should ask fellow moms here...

    1. What are the must items I should bring from US? any food that has long shelf life like oatmeal or dry pasta (my hubby thinks I'm going little too crazy)? how about OTC meds for kids? Tampons?

    2. We are planning to bring some kitchen appliances with us and use a transformer... is it worthy to bring them? How practical is it to use a transformer everyday?

    3. We have a few places to live in mind. My husband already moved there in July and has looked at a few places... Happy Valley (Winfield and Leighton Hill), Jardine's Lookout (Signature), Pokfulam (Bel-Air), and Repulse Bay. Repulse bay will be most likely out of question as it will be too much commute to my hubby's work (ICC in Kowloon). Could any moms who live in these areas share what they like and dislike?
    I'm interested in Happy Valley but concerned that it's too close to the most polluted area on the island. Pokfulam also sounds good in terms of less pollution from exhaust, but wonder I might feel little too removed. I lived in a big city in my entire life so I'm very used to having everything near by.

    Ok. That's it for now. Thanks for reading and any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Dec 2013

    Anyone please?

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    Hong Kong

    dont bring any appliances that require transformers. just buy them here.
    they have almost everything here in the supermarkets so don't bring those unless you are very brand sensitive and require a certain brand, eg milk powder for your kid.
    how about staying at kowloon or olympic station? theres no point for your husband to cross the tunnel everyday unless he has a company car and driver. the tunnel charges and queues at each crossing will kill you.

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    Dec 2013

    Thanks Zergmei. My husband has been living in a serviced apt on the hk island right next to IFC (and he likes it) and doesn't mind commuting as long as it doesn't take too long. We don't plan to own a car that's why south side most likely won't work.

    I already bought stuff that I know that it's good to bring with us for my daughter with food allergy, but thanks for your comment on appliances. I will have to talk to my hubby on this.

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    Tuen Mun

    Hi HYNY,

    I remember when my inlaw sent us pillow cases as if we lived in a third world country! hahaha!

    You can find everything here in HK you dont need to bring anything but yourselves. They have great supermarkets which suit chinese and western families. and as for appliances you have thousands of different shops where you can buy everything at a reasonable price too :)

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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    Leave the appliances at home. OTC medicines, favorite toiletries. Aveeno is available here, but slightly more expensive and not the full range. Nice towels, sheets (if you know the bed size).

    We live in Pok Fu Lam and love it. There is a bus from Cyberport the 970 that goes thru the Western tunnel and will get you to Elements in 30-40 mins. It is nice to have a car in Pok Fu Lam but not necessary.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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