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Constant running nose, sore throat, feverl

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    shankar.maru is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2011

    I went to 360 to checkout what they say. They told me that because my son has been taking antibiotics and medicines since past 4 months, his immune system has become very weak. So they suggested to take some Probiotics and Multi Vitamins to improve the immune system, Elderberry extract for cold and flu, and Vitamin C syrup when he is having lot of cold. I tried with Probiotics and Elderberry extract and so far it has worked well (touch wood). All this is natural homemade with no side effects. We have also started to start the dehumidifier when my son is sleeping. Since past 1 week he has just 10% of cold what he used to have. He also have been going to school. The cold which he is having now is thankfully not greenish.

    But surprisingly when I asked my pediatrician about the Probiotics and Elderberry extract he said we should not give it to my child. I don't know why. According to him the antibiotics he has been giving won't harm my son, and he said to wear a face mask every time he goes to school(which is impossible as my son will remove it). But I find it hard to believe that he is fine with children taking antibiotics but not any probiotics!! He said on an average every child comes to see him once a month.

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    charade is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2010

    Good to know. I also need some of this stuff...caught my son's bug and sneezing away now!

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